How do you speak to whackadoodles? Speak whackadoodlian. [Updated]

Is Mitt Romney a unicorn? Because I’m pretty sure unicorns can’t be President of the United States.

I can hardly believe people are still questioning Obama’s qualifications to be President.

Barack Obama was born in Hawaii in August, 1961. He is a citizen of the United States, born to a citizen married to a non-citizen.

[See update below] Even if Obama had not been born in the United States – say, for example, that he was born in Kenya – he would be a United States citizen. Why, you ask? Because his mother was a citizen of the United States, had lived more than 10 years in the U.S. before his birth, more than 5 of those years were after her 14th birthday, and was married to Barack’s father. All of these things would have made Barack Obama a natural born citizen of the United States who also met all other requirements to be elected President in 2008.


We need not see where Barack Obama was born, we need only know the biographies of his parents to know he is absolutely a natural born citizen of the United States of America.


The “birthers” have been revealed to be complete whackadoodles. Before there was any evidence, I thought they were silly because who the heck would run for president when they weren’t qualified? Then, when some evidence surfaced that Obama was born in Hawaii, they were crazier in my eyes. Obama’s birth certificate was released. There were still crazy questions. And then the long form birth certificate was released. This should have ended all questions.

How do you speak to whackadoodles? Speak whackadoodlian. That is, call Romney a unicorn!

And I don’t even really like Obama…

[Update]: Unfortunately, I mistakenly wrote that Obama’s mother had lived 5 years in the U.S. after her 14th birthday. Since she was age 18 at the time of his birth, she had obviously not lived 5 or more years in the US after her 14th birthday. That invalidates my claim that Obama would have been a US citizen regardless of where he was born. I apologize for overlooking this detail. Ironically, had Obama’s mother not married his father, he would have been a natural-born citizen had he been born outside of the country. This is all rather irrelevant, but I wish I hadn’t overlooked Ann Dunham’s age.

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2 thoughts on “How do you speak to whackadoodles? Speak whackadoodlian. [Updated]

  1. Jimi says:

    Even more interesting on this topic is the history of “birtherism” in Romney’s family. Romney’s father ran for President in 1968, however he was not a natural born citizen.

    The latest rumor I have heard floating around concerning Hawaii, Kenya and Obama is there is a town in Kenya called Hawaii… *shifty eyes* As I firmly believe Obama to be a natural born citizen I have not looked into this, however it still gives me a chuckle they are trying so hard.

    • Actually, Mitt Romney’s father was a natural-born United States citizen. You don’t have to be physically born in the US to be considered a natural-born citizen. I covered that in my post (though not specifically related to Romney). George was born to two US citizens that were married and at least one of his parents lived in the US before he was born. See wiki on the definition of “natural-born” and the section on his 1968 presidential campaign.

      Judging from a Google search, the new thing to talk about is an old biography written by a literary agent or publishing company (not sure which) that said Obama was born in Kenya. Part of their sarcasm seems to be saying, “Maybe Kenya is a town in Hawaii” – not the other way around. Some people are claiming this faulty bio is somehow evidence. Others are just expressing concern about Obama’s supposed inability to decide who he is.

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