The Pinkie Pie Cake

Last winter my niece turned 2. For her birthday she had, thanks to someone who does not, apparently, understand the brains of 2 year-olds, a Pinkie Pie Pool Party. Now what, you might ask, is a Pinkie Pie Pool Party, and, more importantly, why am I telling you about it?

A PPPP is a pool party with a Pinkie Pie (character on My Little Pony) theme. For those of you who do not know, My Little Pony is no longer a thing of the past. It made a comeback (along with a new phenomenon – the Brony). My sister hosted a birthday party for a 2 year-old in a hotel with a “water park”. I put water park in quotes here because it is only a water park if you are under the age of, say, 6. The plates, the table cloths, the rest of the decor – it was all Pinkie Pie. The crowning glory, in my oh so very humble opinion, was the cake.

Some of you may have seen past cakes of mine, although I have only posted about a few – the Texas cake, the dump truck cake, and the Colosseum (I am far prouder of the first two than the last). This Pinkie Pie cake is quite possibly my favorite. I switched from fondant (let’s face it, fondant does not taste good) to modeling chocolate with Pinkie Pie. It was the best choice I could possibly have made. I’m not even sure why anyone uses fondant given the existence of modeling chocolate (side note about this link: read the entire page before attempting modeling chocolate. In fact, read it twice. Excellent instructions, but you won’t be sorry you read it multiple times).

I had a few goals for this cake:

  1. Make a Pinkie Pie figure to sit on the cake
  2. Make it rainbow (special request from my sister)
  3. Make it awesome

The beginning:


The middle:


The end:


Actually, this was the end:


I enjoyed decorating this cake. Making it was another story, as making a truly rainbow cake is a lot of work. No really, a lot. I also loved the look on each person’s face when they saw the cake for the first time (and again when they saw the inside, and again when they ate it because it was actually quite delicious).

If you’re wondering how I made Pinkie Pie, it was freehand. I just pulled up a lot of Google image results for her (and then for her pet alligator, Gummy) and did the best that I could. I don’t have special tools so I just used what I had (paintbrush, tweezers, toothpicks, you get the idea). My only other tip is to use gel food coloring for the chocolate and remember to be careful about the temperature both as you make the modeling chocolate and as you mold it.

If you are wondering about how to make a cake rainbow there are plenty of how-tos out there. I would look for a how-to elsewhere, but add the caveat that many will have you make one layer rainbow and the other a reverse rainbow (as in purple is the biggest arc and red is the smallest). I hated that idea. If you are like me, you will need to divide your batter differently (you need more for the red and orange and a lot less for blue and purple) than most of the how-tos suggest.


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