The Tree Cake

I love Christmas. I think the original reason behind it is pretty stupid, of course, but I love the commercialized, pretty, sparkly, gift-giving Christmas. I love Christmas trees and lights and cookies and ornaments and paper. I love wrapping gifts and tearing open gifts and giving the perfect gift. I love seeing the skirt under the tree slowly be covered by gifts. I love the smell of pine in the house. Okay, I will stop. I think you get the point.

Last year I decided to combine my love of cakes with my love of Christmas. Voila!

20131225_150340And can I just say that the frosting on this cake was amazing (it’s the rich buttercream recipe from the New Best Recipe). The star on top was a sugar cookie. The “gifts” are candy-coated grahams. Gumdrops, red hots, sprinkles and those little sugar pearls round out the rest of the decorations. In case you’re wondering, this is all cake and frosting. There’s a skewer down the center, but no other non-edible support.



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