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Jesus Take The Wheel: Really, you picked him?!

You may recall my post from a little over a month ago about the song “Jesus take the wheel.”

I know I didn’t make quite enough fun of it last time, so I thought I’d add this little thought.

Nevermind how incredibly arrogant it is to think that the savior of your religion has time to deal with your inability to keep driving your motor vehicle properly down the road or how horrible it is that you would risk not only your own life, but the lives of other drivers by giving up control over your car without knowing if your god will be able to immediately take over.

Why would you pick Jesus?

Being objective, if Jesus lived he never drove a car. He probably never drove a horse and cart, even. Of all people to give over control of a motor vehicle to, Jesus is one of the worst choices. Driving isn’t exactly hard, but it does take some skill. And in a scary emergency when you decide to give over control of your car to a dead person/spirit/whatever, I think you could pick a lot more wisely than a carpenter from two thousand years ago.

Dale Earnhardt would probably be happy to help if his soul/spirit/whatever isn’t too busy. He died in a car crash, but he can probably handle your low-speed drama.

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A brief post on rape jokes (you could learn something!)

I loved this post about rape jokes on Jezebel. It’s amazing, and I recommend watching the videos Lindy West included. And it led to this post about funny people *- also awesome. Some context for the first post comes from this other Jezebel by Erin Gloria Ryan, “Daniel Tosh is Sorry He Told a Female Audience Member That She Should Get Hilariously Raped.” Finally, here’s screenshot of a spot-on comment on that last post:

Let’s review: making fun of rapists for being so fucking entitled that they think it’s all right to rape someone can be funny; making comments more or less encouraging the rape of an audience member is not funny; most rape jokes in general are not funny.

* I would like to throw something out there – it seems to me that men-are-funny women-are-not thing may be a reversal of past ideas. I’m under the impression that court fools weren’t always men, and women at court were expected to be clever and make both men and other women laugh. Sure, they usually couldn’t tell outright-lewd jokes, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t funny.

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More What Soon?

Poorly worded Tweet:

Sounds a bit like they’re saying two people have died, but more will die soon! “Second victim of outbreak. More victims will arrive shortly.”

I think maybe they were going for “more details/news/headlines soon.”

As a side note, it’s often not until I’m sharing with others that I realize my sense of humor is rather macabre at times. Chalk it up to spending 8 years of my life living with an Alzheimer’s patient. If you don’t manage to find things funny, you’ll go crazy. And then there’ll be two crazy people to deal with. Nobody wants that!*

*I’m laughing to myself right now. My guess is that you aren’t.

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Another Random Post

I’ve decided what I want to do for a living. I want to write posts like these for Groupon. Pretty pleeeeassseee?

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