Pretending to be a food critic

I finally had a chance to pretend to be a food critic on my business trip to Boston. I was there for a total of almost 4 weeks (minus two weekends), and I had a decent per diem to spend on food. Unfortunately, with no one to share my meals with and an aversion to wasting food I didn’t quite take full advantage. I tried, though. I really tried.

I could be forgetting a few restaurants, but these are the places I ate, sometimes more than once (I linked to the ones I like):

  • Sportello – definitely worth a visit
  • Rustic Kitchen – nice, especially if you’re looking for a salad as an entree
  • M.C. Spiedo – I loved my entree, a bit pricey
  • Tavern Road – interesting menu, feeling adventurous?
  • Del Frisco’s – if you like pushy waiters and have money to burn
  • J Pace and Sons – good, quick food
  • Blue Dragon – tapas style, definitely good for food adventures
  • Flour – Bahahahaha. They call it a bakery.
  • Myers and Chang – You must go here. Lovely people, lovely food, lovely house soda
  • Tamo – not a must, but has decent food
  • Umai – Good if you’re craving healthy Japanese food
  • Sonsie – Definitely go here for the food. Added bonus if you go when the windows are open. Almost worth going during daylight for the people watching.
  • 75 on Liberty Wharf – Just don’t.
  • Sam’s – Nice atmosphere. That’s all I’ll say.
  • Rosa Mexicana – Yummy. So excited that there’s one of these in Minneapolis. I especially loved the emphasis on fresh ingredients.
  • Strega Cafe – Pretty much what you expect from a tiny cafe in an office building
  • Legal Test Kitchen – Maybe if you need a place to go that serves food late?
  • Gigi Gelateria – Not bad, but not the top of the game
  • Empire – This is another no. Maybe the sushi is good?
  • Jery Remy’s – Pretty much what you expect from a sports bar with giant televisions.

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