Another Actress Speaks Out In Support of a Healthy Body Image

Scarlett Johansson joined Ashley Judd (mentioned on April 11) in taking the media to task for their ridiculous focus on the weight and appearance of actresses.

Johansson talks about how she got into shape for Avengers – steady diet and exercise – as well as how ridiculous media portrayals of her supposed slim-down were. And how harmful – not so much to her, but to all the girls and women out there.

I have to applaud her for coming out and telling us about what it took to slim down. Not an expensive, live-in trainer or plastic surgery or some ridiculous liquid diet, but a healthy diet and exercise. What she’s saying is, it’s hard work to be that thin, but you can do it to. And even better than that – she’s telling the world that body image isn’t everything, that being healthy is more important.

I want to add that it’s awesome that popular news(ish) outlets like HuffPost and The Daily Beast gave Johansson and Judd a platform on which to address the world.

The final thing I want to say is this: if you are in shape (particularly if you’re a woman) and you work for it, tell people. Don’t make it seem like you’re naturally perfect because it’s much more awesome on multiple levels if you work for it. Admitting you’ve had to work out or eat right or both not only tells us that you’re dedicated and hard-working, it tells people everywhere that they are not doomed to an unhealthy weight. If others can work for it, we can, too!

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