Commencement: Why I haven’t been posting this weekend.

This weekend was my graduation ceremony. I graduated in February (finished college in December, but my college has weird rules). I decided to walk in my ceremony because David Petraeus was giving the commencement speech. I couldn’t pass up a chance to hear the Director of the CIA speak.

Graduation is the reason I haven’t been posting. Thursday night into Friday we were driving (and driving and driving and driving). Friday night I was so exhausted I practically had a mental breakdown*. Saturday morning I attended Phi Beta Kappa initiation, skipped the horribly inappropriate and completely unnecessary Baccalaureate Ceremony on Saturday, and attended Commencement on Sunday. Exhausting weekend, to say the least.

Plus, staying in hotels can really suck, especially in regards to food…

*It’s not just small children that lose control of their emotions when they get tired.

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