What I’ve Been Reading March 20

I highly recommend this article by Soraya Chemaly. It’s just fantastic.

8 more myths about birth control and STIs from Skepchick. This is actually a second post about such myths, but a different list and one I found rather more interesting than the first. The more I read of Heina‘s posts on Skepchick, the more I like her!

Being bilingual makes you smarter! As I was reading this article I recalled my sophomore year of college. Probably because of the intermediate, writing-intensive* Spanish course I took the fall of that year, I spent around 9 months of my life encountering situations in which I could come up with a Spanish word, but not the English equivalent.** I am only marginally bilingual especially since I haven’t practiced speaking Spanish in around 2 years.

*Shudder* Transvaginal ultrasounds. Seriously, who thought that was a good idea? I have a tremendous amount of appreciation for Janet Howell who attached a transrectal probe requirement for men seeking erectile dysfunction to the transvaginal ultrasound prior to abortion bill in Virginia.

Starting to wonder if granting Congress the sole authority to regulate itself was a very good idea… They are clearly reluctant to limit the money-making potential of public office. Blind trusts come to mind as a solution, but would Congress ever be willing to require blind trusts of all members? Anyway, I thought being a Senator or Representative was supposed to be the ultimate manifestation of civic duty**, not a way to make millions of dollars**** while wielding significant power.

“If sugar wanted to change its name to ‘highly nutritious vitamins’ we would oppose that too.” The sugar industry is accusing the corn industry of false advertising in its high fructose corn syrup ads. Interesting case, I can hardly wait to see the result.

Today I tried to type “facebook.com” into my browser while looking at something else. When I looked up, I had typed “gsvrbook.vom”. I’m not really sure what happened. I guess my left hand if affected by accidentally shifting my hands to the right on the keyboard, but my right hand isn’t?

*Okay, so the majority of the time I wrote in English then painstakingly translated. It’s still helpful.

**I don’t even have a big vocabulary in Spanish. I never have. My introductory Spanish course was a bit of a joke, so I didn’t learn a lot of the basic vocabulary (my food vocab is especially lacking).

*** My idea of civic duty or civil service generally contains a bit about sacrifice. You know, like you sacrifice the opportunity to go and find a private-sector job in order to serve your country?

**** Yes, I know their salaries are only***** between $174,000 and $223,500.

***** only, HAH.

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One thought on “What I’ve Been Reading March 20

  1. Jimi says:

    * As a male I agree with and support the stand on prostate / trans-rectal exams, fair is fair after all.

    * The morality of Congress has become a joke, it is time for We The People to actually rule once again and not just vote in clown after clown.

    *Sugar or high fructose corn syrup – I am so sick of this argument and others like it. When I was a kid, and I am a half-generation above you or so, we never worried about what we ate because we ate in moderation, that is the key. But, that is just my two cents.

    *Left or right… I have the same problem, mostly when I switch from a keyboard to a laptop tho.

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