Comments That Are The Length of a Blogpost Are Too Long.

I came across a Skepchick post from last month about Monsanto that made some really salient points. Heina pointed out the tendency of a lot of anti-GMO people to use generally anti-Monsanto arguments as support for their ideas about GMO. In other words, people who think genetically modified food is dangerous or bad for people are using non-GMO related arguments to support their point.

I did not, however, start a new post to reiterate what Heina said. I started a new post to talk about something I find a little bit annoying, and that is blogpost-length comments on other blogs.

“Babies and Bathwater” has several comments that are blog posts in and of themselves. If you have that much to say, your comment hardly belongs in a comment section. I almost wish someone would rise to prominence in internet etiquette and address this issue.

It might seem silly, but while a well-thought-out 2 or 3 paragraph comment can be appropriate, there is such a thing as too long of a comment. It amazes me that people take the time to leave 950 word comments.*

Honestly, if you have that much to say, start a blog! Alternatively, you could learn how to speak/write in a less verbose manner.

*See kagehi’s comment on the post I linked to above.

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One thought on “Comments That Are The Length of a Blogpost Are Too Long.

  1. MJ says:

    I think the standard is to either 1) write a rebuttal post on your own blog or 2) e-mail the author for really long stuff. At least, that’s what I’ve seen in the past.

    This comment is too short. Should repeat the word “word” 950 times just to get the length up, it proves I have a point to make.

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