LEDs are better than CFLs

LEDs are awesome. I know they’re not quite on par with incandescent bulb lighting because they haven’t worked out all of the problems, but they are really cool.*

I’m so happy to finally see an article that mentions the mercury found in CFLs. You may be aware that there was a massive effort to clean up mercury in our environment (in the U.S.) during the second half of the last century. The clean-up effort was successful, from what I understand, but, as all clean-ups are, it was costly. Thus my discomfort at being told to use CFLs in place of all incandescent bulbs without any mention ever of mercury.

You know people, right? They do things like improper disposal. Of CFLs. When the hype about CFLs reached fever pitch in the last few years, I started to worry about the mercury issue. It’s not like I’m a scientist who studied what effect CFLs might have on environmental mercury levels – I was worried because no one seemed to want to talk about the mercury, not even to reassure people or emphasize the importance of proper disposal.

Back to LEDs. They do not have mercury, which alone is fantastic. They’re also supposed to be quite efficient and have the advantage of lasting a very long time (meaning they’re efficient on two levels – energy efficient and more efficient use of materials).

The article I linked to described the flaws of LEDs – they produce a lot of heat, it’s hard to get the light looking just right, they’re currently rather expensive – while also making it sound like LEDs are an inevitable and major part of our future. I don’t know if they will be, but I’m far more open to LEDs than CFLs.**

*Not literally cool. They’re apparently quite the heat-producers. If you get to the end of the article you will understand this.

**Yes, I did just post about light bulbs. Deal with it.

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One thought on “LEDs are better than CFLs

  1. Mitch says:

    Yes people dispose of things improperly. Just the other day at the hotel, I handed a guest new batteries for their TV remote. I asked them if they would like me to take the old batteries for them, and the guest answered, “Oh I just threw them away.” When I replied that I will recycle them he looked at me and said, “I suppose that would be better” but I swear I could hear his thoughts of “stupid hippie”. Haha we’re all doomed.

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