Tide is the Thing to Steal These Days…

Because I’m a little bored, I decided to share this with my readers.

Apparently, stealing Tide (yes, the laundry detergent) is quite common, especially among drug users. The article isn’t very clear on why stealing detergent has been growing in popularity. Maybe they don’t know why, you say? Please, explicitly state that in the article.

Thieves target Tide, a leading laundry liquid, because large bottles – which cost some $20 (£13) legally – have become a black market currency.

So… Orange bottles that say Tide are a black market currency? Do the bottles need to be filled with detergent? Or are the recycling bins of many filled with wealth?

In Washington DC, local branches of the nationwide pharmacy chain CVS have attached anti-theft tags to bottles.

One branch in the Dupont Circle area of the city keeps the the bottles locked up behind glass, the Associated Press reported.

Behind glass. They keep Tide behind glass. That is a clear indication of how often it is stolen. It’s laundry detergent! Someone needs to do some serious explaining. Why?

Let me just go and steal a bottle of Tide or two to pay for my drug habits!* Has anyone considered refilling empty Tide bottles with blue gooey stuff or maybe water? Then you could just steal from recycling bins (much lower security, and that’s saying something!**)

From California to DC to Minnesota, this is not an isolated trend. People are stealing Tide all over the country:

One Safeway supermarket in Maryland was losing thousands of dollars of stock each week before two dozen arrests were made.

And a man pleaded guilty in West St Paul, Minneapolis to stealing more than $6,000 of Tide from a Walmart branch. He spent 90 days in jail.

If you buy your Tide several bottles at a time during sales, be sure to keep the extras in your wall safe and prepare to be invaded by drug-addicted Tide thieves. Lock your doors and windows! Turn on the spotlights! Sleep with one eye open!


**We’re comparing a recycling bin to a drug store. Seriously, who has less security than a drug store?

UPDATE: Here’s another, more explanatory article on this topic.

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One thought on “Tide is the Thing to Steal These Days…

  1. Jimi says:

    The article I had read, and I cannot find it now for the life of me, stated that this is being blown out of proportion. However, they did say that what is happening is that people are stealing the Tide, selling it to shady mom-pop type stores and then using that money for drugs/whatever.

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