A Brief Follow-Up About Paying For Bone Marrow Donation

I posted about paying for bone marrow donation before, and I just read another article about the story. I wanted to share the link with readers. My original post is here “Paying Marrow Donors Doesn’t Mean Only Rich People Get Better.” The article I just read about this issue is here “Should it be legal to pay for bone marrow donations?”

This is a really interesting topic so I encourage you to read about it. It’s a great example of science blurring legal lines through new discoveries and technologies.

If you are healthy and between the ages of 18 and 60, please consider joining the bone marrow registry, Be the Match. It might sound scary,* but you could save a life. You might be the perfect match for someone out there.

*It does to me for some reason.

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One thought on “A Brief Follow-Up About Paying For Bone Marrow Donation

  1. Jimi says:

    The “new” link you posted hits very close to home as I am one town over from Lewiston. It is a very sad story and those girls deserve a chance at life just like anyone else. However, until such a time as government, or more properly the people in government, can leave the church behind and embrace scientific change we are stuck in the dark ages.

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