What I’ve Been Reading March 15

I mentioned “50 Best to Worst States for Women” yesterday. The second group of ranking came out – “6-10.” I’m happy to see Minnesota in the top ten even knowing the “bad news.”

All of the links on today’s Skepchick Quickies were interesting:

There was an article about girls and science that discussed the gender difference found in science in the U.S. as well as different ways people are trying to encourage girls to go into science fields.

There was a post about trying to change the way birth control is sold in the U.S. – going from prescription to OTC because the requirement for a prescription doesn’t make a lot of sense.*

And finally, Arizona seems to be a state that doesn’t know what its residents actually want – they are now trying to pass a law allowing employers to purchase health insurance for employees that does not cover contraceptives for religious reasons and “permit employers to ask their employees for proof of medical prescription if they seek contraceptives for non-reproductive purposes.” Why does this mean AZ doesn’t know what residents want?

Howard said there haven’t been any complaints from insurance companies since 2002, when Arizona passed the Contraceptive Equity Law , a measure prohibiting religious employers from denying its employees contraceptives for non-contraceptive purposes.

I know it was ten years ago,** but could sentiments have changed that much?

I think the following quote best sums up the U.S. military policy on mental health, which you can read about here:

“The intrusion of well-intentioned but bad policy has made doctors less effective at preventing homicides and suicides,” an Army mental-health expert says. “The uncomfortable truth is that military mental-health system is designed to avoid recognizing manic symptoms or delusions – symptoms that put someone at increased risk for suicide or homicide.”

Pap smear guidelines are definitely changing. I found this particular quote comical, “”Most women will view this as a plus,” he said.” I might go so far as to say nearly all women will view it as a plus. Men, if you think hernia tests are awkward, well, I won’t go into that. Suffice it to say that stirrups are the enemy.***

How do you feel about pardons made by governors? Mississippi is dealing with pardons, several of which were for convicted murderers, and accusations that a few individuals received preferential treatment from the governor. I understand why one victim (injured by Gaitlin) is angry, but the reporter’s extensive use of quotes from that man wasn’t well-planned.

Walker, the victim who stared down the barrel of Gatlin’s gun before he was shot in the head, said he’s “baffled” by the allegations and believes Barbour is financially helping the men.

Walker goes on to say he’d like handouts, as if his belief that Barbour is financially supporting Gaitlin is definitely true and as if Barbour doesn’t have a right to do whatever he wishes with Barbour’s money. Anyway, don’t kill people.

Healthcare hurts, apparently. Two hundred years from now, will people look at our treatments like we look at “bleeding”? (The article is about the use of satisfaction surveys in determining hospital performance)

I resent being called the “Go-Nowhere Generation.” -_-

*If you are a man who has not discussed birth control and the process of getting prescription b.c. extensively with a woman who has gone through it, don’t even comment. Seriously, the requirement for a prescription makes very little sense, but I don’t expect people who don’t take birth control pills to understand that.

** Ahhhh, I can’t believe 2002 was ten years ago.

***Except when actually on a horse.

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