Not Entirely Wrong, But Not Right, Either

I read an op/ed piece called, “Obama’s faith-based liberalism.” Faith-based does not here refer to Christianity (or any other religion, exactly). Instead, the author is talking about how “the left” has a tendency to repeat and have faith in certain economic ideas despite a lack of evidence or support for those ideas:

Too often liberal policies are based more on faith than reason — they are often premised on assertions having little foundation in facts or modern economics. Consequently, the president advocates or imposes solutions that make the nation’s problems worse, and when confronted with disappointing results he often tells us what he believes without offering the data and logic that brought him to those conclusions.

I agree to a certain extent, but I also have to say that conservatives are just as guilty. Both parties hold on to a wide variety of out-dated or unsupported economic policy ideas. Neither party, from what I can tell, is entirely wrong, but they most certainly aren’t anything like entirely correct.

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