What I’ve Been Reading Feb. 19

If it’s not obvious from my earlier posts, these lists are not all-inclusive. I most certainly don’t put every article I’ve read on my “What I’ve Been Reading” lists. Generally they’re the daily highlights – articles and posts I think are important, interesting, or funny.

Languages are surviving thanks to social media and digital tools. That’s actually rather neat. Hopefully this withstands the test of time.

As a recent college grad I am currently looking for a job. When I come across articles about interviewing I’m always intrigued, even when they don’t really end up applying to my field in which I doubt I will ever come across anything quite so unorthodox as going to a bar. I still enjoy reading goofy interview questions like these. 37 times 37, by the way, is 1369. And remember, always ask your interviewers questions when given the chance!

I hate stories like this for a few reasons. First, it’s sad when anyone dies like that. Second, my brother is a snowboarder living in Colorado, and these types of stories make me worry! On the bright side, he’s a pretty prudent and careful person.

I’m really impressed by this writer’s ability to share such a personal story about his father dying. It’s a little sad, but worth reading.

Building Self-Control, The American Way” was an interesting read.

This about sums up my feelings about what Rick Santorum has been saying about prenatal screening:

“Prenatal screenings are essential to promote the health of both the mother and baby and to ensure safe deliveries,” Smith said. “These misinformed and dangerous comments reinforce why women cannot trust any of the Republican candidates for president.”

To end on a random note: Shoe? Or murder weapon?

Also, just finished Jane Austen’s Persuasion. I’d read it at least once before, and it is, of course, marvelous. For some reason I keep losing interest in books and just want to indulge in rereading all of Austen’s books.

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