What I’ve Been Reading Feb. 20

“Internet On, Inhibitions Off” I like this because it discusses a popular trend. When you look at just how disrespectful and ridiculous people can get in comment streams, this is especially relevant. In some ways it’s cool that people are more honest on the internet, but in other ways it’s not. How many times in a given day do you hear people insult each other (in person, face-to-face) so strongly? Yet look at an article and the comment stream (and sometimes the blog posts) are full of “bastard” and “asshole” to mention just two of the many insults that get thrown around.

Gender noncomformity in children has linked to an increased risk of abuse and PTSD.

Creepy much? There will be a London trial of technology that uses facial recognition software to target advertisements at women. Read the article for details, but the gist is that the software will be used to show a certain type of ad when female faces are detected and will show a web address when male faces are detected.

Seriously? I don’t mean to say George Washington doesn’t matter, but this article is a little over-zealous about changing President’s Day back to Washington’s Birthday.

I like the idea of better ways to evaluate teachers. Some of these plans, though, seem a bit strange. Why would a physical education teacher’s job depend on math and reading scores? Phy. Ed. has nothing to do with math or reading. It’s about physical activity.

Oh look, more creepiness! Google is working on convincing people to voluntarily share where they are pretty much all the time. >_< Reminds me of this video (wrong and out of date, but interesting anyway). Googlezon. Hahahaha.

It’s funny, this author says she’s writing about“what’s missing” from the birth control debate, but I don’t think any of what she said has been “missing.” I think she did a good job of stating it all particularly clearly, though. I disagree with her idea that “an employer’s right to reject birth-control coverage” shouldn’t “trump a society’s collective imperative to reduce unintended pregnancy.” Rights are something that shouldn’t be “trumped” by anything. On a slightly different note, I’m pretty satisfied that Obama’s policy isn’t infringing on religious freedom, mostly because of the exceptions written into the policy and because other states have similar policies that, from what I’ve read, have withstood judicial scrutiny.

I can’t wait for November 2012. I’m tired of all this political bickering. I really hope Santorum doesn’t win the nomination for the GOP. First, I want an actual choice when I vote for president and I could never vote for him. Second, if he doesn’t get the nomination I won’t have to read much about him.

Saw this after I initially posted. I like guns. I own one, too. A .22 semi-automatic rifle with a tubular magazine. Target practice is incredibly enjoyable, even when you have no intention of ever shooting anything other than, well, a target.

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4 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Reading Feb. 20

  1. SciAwakening says:

    Completely agree with you about Santorum. Also, it would be nice not to have another psycho VP pick like Palin. The older I get, the more I despise the ignorance and mindless bigotry of social conservatives.

    The Internet On, Inhibitions Off article was interesting. The Internet is indeed a double-edged sword and we have to really be aware of how we are communicating online.

    • You know, as much as I disliked Palin as a VP nom, what I’ve read about her pre-national-attention political career seems to indicate that she was a decent, non-crazy leader. As for social conservatives… *shudder*

  2. Jimi says:

    The creepy technology article was amusing to me as I immediately thought of the movie Minority Report and how the scanners read your eyes and displayed custom ads based on your own interests. Whether this is good or bad is a matter for discussion, however in theory it is really no different than the ads we get on the internet right now that are displayed based upon our surfing habits.

    Gender nonconformity – Blah, I hate how people have preconceived notions of how each gender should act as they grow. How else is a male supposed to be comfortable raising him own children if he is not allowed to interact with dolls and such as he grows? What is a woman has only boys, 4 births 4 boys for my wife, shouldn’t she have some basis from her own youth to understand the activities that appeal to boys as well as girls? We are far to reliant on labels and need to just accept people by their actions and not skin color, religion (or lack thereof) or body parts.

    All President’s should be honored at some point during the year. Whether it is one day or 44 separate ones (they do not all have to be holidays) they all deserve recognition for their service to the country, much the same as we honor our veterans.

    I look forward to every election to end the rigamarole, however it seems as I get older the “waiting period” between each cycle gets shorter and shorter, or maybe I just notice it more as I develop my own critical thinking skills.

    • I find the fact that ads online are “personalized” for me to be incredibly irritating, annoying, and invasive. I hate that in order to avoid such invasive practice I have to actively choose to alter my browser settings and special software is needed to have a truly private browsing session. I hate opening my Facebook and seeing “Need an Economics Internship” or “Reason Rally” ads along the side.

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