“the Democrat Party” and pronouncing “Iraq” correctly

Everyone’s concerns about Edwina Rogers are noted. That aside, I find it hilarious that people berate her for a minor gaffe made in an old Fox video (around 2:40), when she said, “the Democrat Party” instead of the “Democratic” party. And this is even in the presence of her correct pronunciation in the same video of “Iraq,” a name notoriously mispronounced (alongside Iran) by people all over the political spectrum, both in and outside of DC.

I’d like to point out that you can refer to both parties in several ways, and so the fact that she said, “the Democrat Party,” is probably more of a fluke than anything else. Think about it: she could have started to say “the Democrats,” then changed her mind – I think we’ve all had moments when we’ve changed our minds partway through a phrase resulting in nonsense or errors.

I’m not going to go on (that’d be something people call “over-analyzing”). I’m just not a fan of taking 6-year-old, not even remotely serious gaffes and holding them against someone just because you don’t like that person for other reasons.

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