Kimchi and Kakdugi

I made my own kimchi today using a combination of the kimchi recipes available on Maangchi,, and Chow. Why the combination? Well, each recipes had it’s own unique ratios of ingredients, although the basic ingredients themselves were the same. How much red pepper flake to use, how much fish sauce to include – it differed from recipe to recipe. I basically guesstimated based on a sort of average of the three. Also, I was working with less napa cabbage and did not include Maangchi’s sweet rice flour at all.

In about a day, I’ll need to check on my kimchi and kakdugi (which I made based on Maangchi’s kakdugi recipe). If they’ve started to ferment, I can put them into the fridge. The recipes suggest leaving the kimchi out for a day up to a week before you refrigerate it. I guess I’ll wait and see!

I can’t wait to try it!

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One thought on “Kimchi and Kakdugi

  1. John Schumacher says:

    Looks delicious; can’t wait to hear how it turns out!

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