What I’ve Been Reading: May 8th


“For me, this is an industry that’s really wrestling with how it defines its own professionalism.”

Or lack thereof, I guess.

We’re living in a food carnival. . .” This article about obesity in the US is full of possible policy prescriptions, some of which sound like good ideas, and some of which sound like a bit too much government involvement.

It makes me angry when charities are used as profit-making opportunities. Beware the Disabled Veterans National Foundation (DVNF).

“I ask myself what the heck are these people doing stealing from our veterans. because that’s what they are doing,” Simpsons said. “I don’t care how you look at it. These people have sacrificed for our country. And there are some people out there raising money to abuse ’em and that just makes me mad.”

Black Women and Fat“: in some ways, I envy the difference in cultural ideals that makes curves more acceptable. At the same time, Randall’s article shows that the cultural ideals might trend toward the extreme opposite of super skinny, and what we really need is an ideal of a healthy (but not cookie-cutter) woman.

How out of touch are the leaders of the United States? Very, it would seem. It really seems as if they don’t consider how laws affect the majority of the population. Why do I say this, you ask? Well first, you can be too poor to file for bankruptcy. Yeah, you read that correctly. Second, the pool lift requirements going into effect later this month mean that hundreds of thousands of pools across the country must install lifts costing upwards of $3500 – perhaps well upwards. That means some hotels and public pools may opt to close rather than buy a lift. Thankfully this law has some language protecting community pools,* but it’s still fantastically inconsiderate, especially given all the ambiguity surrounding the requirements. Are politicians seriously so wealthy that how laws effect less affluent people doesn’t even occur to them? Do they even give one second of thought to the law of unintended consequences?

I haven’t been too taken by any freshly pressed blogs lately, but I did enjoy this one about funny signage around the world.

Atheists joke about eating babies, but some Chinese people really do eat babies, apparently. Makes the joke lose a lot of its humor.

I’ll admit I haven’t finished reading this yet, but so far it’s great. Boys often perceive reading as girly (wtf?). I guess this is kind of like the color pink. I mean, 300 years ago most girls couldn’t read, and now it’s something only girls do? Anyway, the author wrote about how to talk to little girls, and now she’s writing about how to talk to little boys. 🙂

Dear Stephens, Fuck you. Because a few 2012 graduates you’ve met were not particularly well-educated and because the focus of the entire education system has changed from brute memorization to thinking skills, you’ve thrown out my entire graduating class? You call us less-educated than any class before us, and you call our majors useless. What was your major, Stephens? Did you graduate during the slow recovery of the worst economic recession in 70 years? Didn’t think so. Who was president of the US in 1874?**

*”The rules also allow for possible exceptions for municipal pools, in that they must bring existing pools into compliance, “to the extent that it is readily achievable to do so,” and “unless doing so results in a fundamental alteration in the nature of a (swimming) program, or in an undue financial and administrative burden,” according to a USDOJ overview of the standards.

**That’s right, I picked an arbitrary date. History is a very, very large thing, full of many, many facts. Too many, in fact, for any one person to know them all. They’re basically all important, but not knowing something as arbitrary as the US president in a given year doesn’t necessarily mean we’re uneducated.

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