Thirty Day Book Challenge #1: My Favorite Book…s

How could you ask me such a question?! I love reading and I love books. As I’ve previously mentioned I have a profound amount of respect for books because of the knowledge they contain. To pick one favorite is nearly impossible for me. Do I pick the book I can read repeatedly that helps me relax when I’m stressed? Do I pick the story that inspired me? Do I pick the hard-boiled detective fiction that can be so fascinating?

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen will have have a special place in my mind, but I don’t know if it’s my favorite book. It’s a wonderful story, and I can read it over and over again (unlike many other books). I feel a connection with the author. It’s even a go-to book during stressful times when I can’t focus on other novels. Is it my favorite?

The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman (along with the other two books in the series) challenged me to think critically. Yes, it’s a fictional book, but the story is fantastic and Pullman’s use of religious concepts is one-of-a-kind. I remember relating to the main character (I read it when I was around the same age as Lyra). Is it my favorite?

The Tenant of Wildfell Hall by Anne Bronte was fascinating. Unlike in the stories of Charlotte and Emily, Anne’s hero was a nice guy, and her heroine actually fell in love with the nice guy (after a failed marriage with the charming jerk). I loved this story for its originality and for its quality of being an unknown treasure. I loved the characters and the structure. I also have a thing for 19th Century British lit. Is this my favorite, though?

Dashiell Hammett’s novels (The Thin Man, Red Harvest, etc.) introduced me to an entirely different genre than I was used to. This original hard-boiled detective fiction is fantastic. It outshines Agatha Christie’s mysteries and I find it far more intriguing than Sherlock Holmes (although Sherlock novels are great). But can I pick one of these novels? And could I really call any one of them my favorite out of all other books I’ve read?

There are so many other books I’ve read and loved. To pick a favorite seems akin to my mother loving any one of her children more than another (in other words, fat chance). I might be able to pick favorites from each genre, but picking one single favorite book? Practically impossible!

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