A Satirical List Falls Flat And Offends

This is supposed to be a satirical article. I think it fell rather flat of being good satire, mostly because a lot of what was said sounded like something that might actually be said by a male gamer.

I found it very much not funny. This comment sums it up pretty well:

BladeMaster0182 – 12:52 pm – October 27, 2009.

Wow, this article is remarkably sexist. I am a guy gamer and I’m actually offended. Now I don’t know if you added in the sexist tone as a joke, but if you meant it, holy crap what is wrong with you? The very fact it is unclear is cause for concern. The message is that you are sending is that only guys can be real gamers, and girls are posers.

There are clearly other commenters who took this seriously (all you have to do is read the comments). Some realized it was satire, but only a very small portion. Satire isn’t supposed to be really obvious, but it’s also not supposed to be so hard to detect. The author needs to be more over-the-top if she really wants it to be recognized as satire.

Originally, I wrote a post responding to each point on the list, but once I realized it was satire I determined that was inappropriate.

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