Why do I look at other wordpress blogs? And do you not understand how a paragraph functions?

Sometimes I look at other blogs on WordPress by selecting a “tag” I think is interesting and clicking on blog post with interesting titles. I do not know why I do this as it usually results in me wanting to scream and or claw my eyes out.

I can deal with bad writing, but I am always amazed by the lack of paragraph use. Seriously, hitting enter when you change topics makes it a heck of a lot easier to read long posts.

Mostly, I have trouble with the things people write. In theory I have no problem with religious people, but in practice? Far, far too often I read a blog from a religious person that is suggesting our separation of church and state is too strong or suggesting that atheism is as close-minded as religion. I’ve come to think that 1) most people that say these things are actually rather close-minded and 2) it’s people that make atheists seem close-minded, not the idea itself.

Then I have this issue: I want to comment on everything. I have to resist, though, because I tend to get too upset to think/type straight and typing a short comment ends up taking me half an hour.

Clearly I should just quit looking at random other blogs.

2 thoughts on “Why do I look at other wordpress blogs? And do you not understand how a paragraph functions?

  1. rowanwphillips says:

    This is so true, I’ve ended up in many comment rows with people who’s ideas I should just dismiss as loony but even though I know I won’t make a jot of difference to their opinion I can’t seem to help myself.

    • Ohsomeoneelse’sgod, I did it again. I went and read random blog posts again and had to close the window to prevent myself from commenting (or reading any more comments, for that matter). Am I incapable of learning?!

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