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What I’ve Been Reading: May 10th (or, I really need to come up with a more creative name for these posts)

The Ugly Moose has returned and is still funny.

The Secular Coalition gets a new executive director

DC is broken, and some say it cannot be fixed. But then it seems like the author says maybe it can be fixed, just not the way the authors of the book he mentions claim it can be fixed. I’m not sure why he thinks opening up primaries to non-partisans is a bad idea. It’s probably true that the most moderate people are least likely to be affiliated with a party. And when it comes to caucuses, moderates often avoid them because you very well may have to deal with crazy people (both parties). When election day comes around, many people feel stuck voting for the lesser evil instead of the best candidate.

Combine that last link with this one, and I think you’ll understand what I’m saying about caucuses and primaries.

But the center, contrary to what you might conclude, is not vanishing. In fact, it’s not too much to say that this year promises the triumph of moderates.

On the Justification of Belief” or People Who Cannot Answer the Question “Why?” from Jack on Grome Soapbox.

Mmmmmm, kale. Er, wait, no. Mmmmmm, satire.

Response to a Christian Comment” from Larry on Grome Soapbox – long, but generally worth reading (or at least skimming) even if you’ve heard many of the points before.

Article about the “State of the World’s Mothers Report” – not the best reporting, but worth a look.

Peanut butter and jelly… french toast? Wha?

Oh look, another Grome Soapbox post. Huh. Whatever, this one is from Richard. I suppose it’s only fair that Larry, Jack and Richard all get to be in my what to read post. Richard wrote about, essentially, his funeral.

SUPER MOON! I missed it thanks to a lot of clouds, but the photos are pretty cool.

Intriguing photos from (very northern) Alaska.

While this post is mildly interesting, I’m mostly posting it because of the puppy.

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What I’ve Been Reading: April 24th

Whaling Camp: Frozen Seas and Icescapes” – Gorgeous photos.

Mike & Ike are divorcing…apparently. Um, I don’t agree with Tony Perkins’s reaction, but I am kinda wondering whose idea this was? It kind of reminds me of when Barbie and Ken broke up.

US tax laws are so f***ed up. Wish they’d just scrap it all and start again, even though I know that would cost a pretty penny.

The future of Netflix looks dismal.

Therapeutic vaccines to treat cancer. Sometimes Fox has intelligent articles about science.

Why is a disease that we can vaccinate against and that was virtually eliminated in the US making a comeback? Vaccinate your children, people. VACCINATE THEM. Stop with the irrational anti-vacc crap.

Deja vu: they said the iPhone wouldn’t sell.

Supersonic, hypersonic… when’s the teleportation going to happen?

I read part of one article that I considered posting on here, but instead I wanted to offer something else to think about. The article said, “Women are more emotional than men.” Now tell me, other than cultural beliefs and conventional wisdom, is that statement supported by anything? I’m not saying it’s not true (it may be), but I would prefer if people would question it a little more often. It’s quite annoying that this is a widely accepted piece of “wisdom.”

Our brains focus on one thing at a time, unless you make up a part of 2.5% of the population who are “super-taskers.” Did you see that gorilla?

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What I’ve Been Reading: April 17

The Power of Mindset“: What you believe about intelligence matters.

On Banning Burqas – very salient points, though I wish she would’ve covered thoughts on identification photos and wearing burqas in security situations (airports, police pulling people over, etc.).

Dear Daughter” – I love these types of posts. :)*

Having an abortion in 1978 – it sounds like a different world.*

The Morning Heresy including an article about Minne! πŸ˜€ Minne is a lake monster that resides in Minneapolis lakes in the summer time.

eHarmony dupes customers? Yeah, even an eHarmony employee admits it:

“You do know that the American public has gotten hoodwinked since there was a product to be sold,” Bradbury says. “The risks associated with the badness of these instruments and these devices in these sites have no long-term cost; it’s just money out of someone’s pocket. People are getting duped, but it’s not a life-or-death situation.”

I get really tired of the idea that a lie not causing serious damage makes the lie okay, especially if its selling a product. It’s funny to me that Bradbury basically says eHarmony is similar to snake oil**, but it’s okay because nothing really bad happens. It doesn’t matter if you misrepresent things and lie to the public if people don’t get hurt!

*Got both of these from Skepchick Quickies.

**Granted dating sites are noticeably more reliable than snake oil.

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What I’ve Been Reading: April 6

Normally when I click on Man Boobz posts I have a giant “trigger warning” sign flashing in my head before I’ve started reading. Either I’m adapting, or this is actually amusing enough to counterbalance the disturbing part.

I’m going to need a volunteer to go steal this puppy for me. Just for a while. He’s just so painfully cute.*

Took this from both The Morning Heresy and Skepchick Quickies:

If we’re going down that road, then okay! According to history, we were only supposed to have ONE cell. God, you people and your multi-cellular privilege. Ever since I became a primordial soupist, my IBS has totally cleared up (mainly because I don’t have intestines anymoreβ€”just cytoplasm).

This was inspired by an article about when cooking food came about.

Blobby shadow, Jesus, or mustachioed man wearing a turban? It’s a mystery! (Not really… It’s just a shadow.)

All right, this one definitely is not Jesus. It’s either just a stingray, or a stingray with an anime character on its back. Or possibly Hagrid.

Genetic mutations and the age of the father play a role in autism spectrum disorder.

Sinking the “ghost” ship – it always amazes me that sinking a ship can be deemed better for the environment than taking it out of the water. I’m not arguing with it, I just find it surprising.

Tablet use in companies. Tablets and smartphones make up 25% of computer usage for work globally.

More cute animals. More from Skepchick. Puppies! Well, er, they’re mostly full-grown dogs.

I’m taking a bath why are you taking photos of me! Perv.” What a cute puppy. πŸ˜€

I don’t usually follow celebrity news, but Amanda Bynes’ DUI made me rather sad. Mostly because she seems rather well-adjusted and like a good role-model (at least when we’re looking at Hollywood’s selection).

Okay, whose idea was it to drink coffee in the morning? Seriously, who came up with that? I feel like someone took out my insides, twisted them into a messed up ball, then stuffed them back inside of me, and I’m pretty sure it’s from the mocha I had this morning. It’s not the sugar – my body can handle sugar at all times of day.

*I don’t really need a volunteer. I’m not a thief. I just like the puppy.

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