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The Multifarious Mix: June 11

Healthy cheesecake? *brain breaks* Going to have to try this. Especially since I have a lot of cottage cheese that needs to be used asap.

One reason I love where I live: movies in the park. Almost every single day? I fully intend to make the most of this summer.

I made kimchi the other night. It’s fermenting right now. Will be ready for the fridge tomorrow. I used two recipes to get an idea of exactly what to do. Hopefully it turns out well (and doesn’t taste fishy like the last batch I tried to make).

A post on 101 Books and a subsequent comment by Naomi from the Tea Time Reader inspired me to look up the statistics for my county library. 🙂

I’m not usually big on the pictures-with-text memes, but I liked this one. This one, too.

I love dogs, and apparently I love dog-related blogs. To try and balance out all the cat-mania that appears on the internet, I’m sharing with you this funny tail-chasing story.

Huh, I never think of gangs when I think of Coon Rapids. I don’t know much about Coon Rapids, though. Except that the name of their city makes it sound a little redneck.

I shudder to think of an impromptu prayer lasting for 15 minutes. And in a bar, no less. I have a hard enough time at holidays when they let the youngest cousin say grace and she goes on and on and on for 5 minutes.

If faith is the only reason you have to live your life, I feel very sorry for you. I have many, many reasons (and none of them has anything to do with the supernatural).

Because handing out Bibles will… um… oh, right, accomplish nothing. Have fun with that! Yay Pride Festival!

“Perverted” penguins? Sounds like some of the penguins were confused (sex with dead penguins, sex with injured penguins). Some just weren’t having heterosexual sex. The sad part is that some crushed or killed baby penguins by trying to have sex with them. Poor penguins. Silly biologist.

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Enforcing Laws Unneccesarily

Hello Mr. Police Officer from Eden Prairie, MN:

I wanted to thank you for giving me an example of why nobody really likes police these days. Had you not patrolled that nearly-empty parking lot for trailer-less vehicles, I wouldn’t have been reminded that many cops are just bored jerks looking to write tickets to make money for their city/county/whatever.

When they made two parking lots at Lake Riley I’m really not sure why they didn’t connect them. That way, when I dropped my kayak in the water, I could easily have parked in the non-trailer lot with worrying that someone would carry off my 40 lbs. kayak while I parked and walked back to the boat launch (which is out of sight of both lots). Since they did not connect the two lots, didn’t put up signs indicating where the other lot was, and I had no idea where the other lot was, I parked in the “vehicles with trailers only” lot.

Yes, I did something wrong. I knew it wasn’t really allowed, but here’s the thing: it was an early Tuesday afternoon in early June in Minnesota and there were literally only three other vehicles in a lot with something like 15 spaces. Why were you patrolling this lot at 2:30 in the afternoon on an early weekday in early June? That makes no sense. In fact, what it says to me is that you’re kind of a jerk. Or maybe the person who ordered you to patrol the lot is a jerk. I’m not really sure.

I highly doubt that, when making these two lots completely separate, the people in charge thought, “This lot will be patrolled at all times for violations. Not even people with kayaks or canoes that go on top of their vehicle and visit the lake at the least busy times will catch a break!” Instead, they probably intended for the lot to be patrolled only during peak times – times when the trailer lot fills up with trailers and you would be an asshole to take up a trailer spot if you didn’t have a trailer. Like Saturdays in the summertime (when I almost certainly wouldn’t park in the trailer lot). What makes me particularly doubt that the trailer lot was meant to be completely free of all non-trailer-toting vehicles is the sign. It looked something like this, only friendlier and much less official.

I can’t really blame you, Mr. Police Officer, for doing your job. I know I was parked “illegally,” although the sign seems more like a request than a legal posting. What I don’t understand is why you wasted your time patrolling this particular lot when the three cars without trailers that were parked there weren’t hurting or bothering anyone, and there were plenty of open spots for anyone with trailers showing up. Isn’t there something worthwhile you could be doing? Go catch speeders, by all means! Or people parked in fire lanes, handicap spots, next to fire hydrants, too close to stop signs – I think you get the point.

I suppose you’re not as much of a jerk as you could be, since when I sprint-paddled back to shore and then ran the block to the lot to beg you not to ticket me, you didn’t write me a ticket and you let that other man move his car as well. Ultimately, though, I’m still baffled that you were patrolling the lot in the first place.

Finally, next time someone says they have a boat, don’t laugh at them and say, “No you don’t.” You jerk, I do have a boat. It just happens to fit on top of my car. It’s not as if I said, “I have a trailer. It’s invisible/it got up and ran away.”*

Do you wonder why people don’t like you? It’s not that you’re enforcing the laws. It’s that you enforce the laws like only a jerk would enforce the laws – without taking into account reality and whether or not it matters that someone has, for example, parked in a trailer-only spot.

*I was tempted to say, “Oh no, where did my trailer go! It disappeared.” When he laughed after I said I have a boat.

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Hidden Falls Park, St. Paul, Minnesota

What’s the capital of Minnesota? No, it’s not Minneapolis. Yeah, you know how the biggest city in a state is often not the capital? It’s the same here. Doesn’t anyone learn state capitals in school anymore?

The Mississippi River runs through St. Paul, and there are a lot of streams that feed into the river. Hidden Falls Park is located by a stream that flows into the river (well, it flows into the river if there’s water in the stream…). My brother, mom and I went to Hidden Falls Park to see the falls and the stone staircase built by the WPA in the 1930s.

It was quite the adventure. First we parked at the wrong lot (there’s a south and a north lot, who knew? Oh wait, the hiking book we were using mentioned that.). Then, we skipped the trail that we needed to go on (I did try to convince them to go on the correct path, but my brother just blew off what I was saying and told me to stop worrying). Eventually we got where we wanted to go: the steps and the falls.

It appears that the WPA did more than built a large stone staircase up the river bluff – there was a large stone fire ring, and the falls and stream had stone walls. Even the bed of the stream had been altered with stones cemented into place preventing natural erosion from occurring. It was quite pretty, but the size of the falls wasn’t very impressive, especially given the low water level.

The Mississippi River.

There are lots of trees like this one along the river. Yay effects of flooding?

This was toward the end of the obvious WPA work.

Part of the cascading concrete stream bed.

There isn’t much water this year because we barely got any snow this winter. I hope I get to see these falls when there is a lot of water running over them – they’ll still be small, but they’d definitely be more impressive.

My brother ran up the staircase.

The stairs could use some TLC. This was a landing toward the top of the staircase.

I know, you’re probably sick of the stairs.

It doesn’t really show from these photos how awesome this staircase was. I do wish it got a little more upkeep and maybe got a plaque or two explaining when and why it was built.

Lastly, this was my attempt to make part of the falls look much bigger than they are. Not particularly successful, but I tried.

I wish I had a better camera. If only I didn’t have a bunch of student debt hanging over me…

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What I’ve Been Reading: April 17

The Power of Mindset“: What you believe about intelligence matters.

On Banning Burqas – very salient points, though I wish she would’ve covered thoughts on identification photos and wearing burqas in security situations (airports, police pulling people over, etc.).

Dear Daughter” – I love these types of posts. :)*

Having an abortion in 1978 – it sounds like a different world.*

The Morning Heresy including an article about Minne! 😀 Minne is a lake monster that resides in Minneapolis lakes in the summer time.

eHarmony dupes customers? Yeah, even an eHarmony employee admits it:

“You do know that the American public has gotten hoodwinked since there was a product to be sold,” Bradbury says. “The risks associated with the badness of these instruments and these devices in these sites have no long-term cost; it’s just money out of someone’s pocket. People are getting duped, but it’s not a life-or-death situation.”

I get really tired of the idea that a lie not causing serious damage makes the lie okay, especially if its selling a product. It’s funny to me that Bradbury basically says eHarmony is similar to snake oil**, but it’s okay because nothing really bad happens. It doesn’t matter if you misrepresent things and lie to the public if people don’t get hurt!

*Got both of these from Skepchick Quickies.

**Granted dating sites are noticeably more reliable than snake oil.

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