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Handshaking and Gender?

I started work last Wednesday (the 13th). I’m not going to tell you much about my job – let’s just say it’s a lot of data entry at a major corporation. I do, however, want to talk about something that happened on my first day.

I was given a tour of the (massive and confusing) building. After that I was introduced to everyone doing essentially the same job as I am, and there are a lot of them. I remember very few names. There’s one guy that I recognize and think is pretty nice, but I honestly cannot remember his name. One name I remembered quickly happens to belong to a woman about to go on leave. Great.

We walked up to each person’s desk and introductions were made.

Every man I met shook my hand. Some from where they were sitting, others stood up, but they all shook my hand. Every single one of them. There wasn’t a weak handshake among them, and in most cases the man initiated the handshake before I had a chance to do so myself.

Maybe 1 in 6 women that I met shook my hand. Most sat in their chair, smiled weakly and stared awkwardly without shaking my hand. The women that did shake my hand mostly did so at my prompting, and their handshakes were less than impressive.

What is up with that?

Your handshake is something you have control over. It is a big part of your first impression. It’s also a normal part of business culture when you meet someone for the first time. It’s pathetic that so many women failed miserably to even offer their hands to shake and when they did, their handshakes made a bad impression.

I actually prefer shaking hands with men. It’s not because I’m heterosexual or anything, it’s because a much higher percentage of men have confident handshakes. “Strong and capable” comes to mind a lot more often than when I shake hands with women. You know those scenes in movies when the weak, weird male leader comes out and his hand shake is limp and a little creepy? That’s how I felt about most of the women I shook hands with. That’s sad. I don’t want to prefer shaking hands with one gender over the other, and I don’t want to get an impression of weakness from women when they should feel anything but!

Your handshake is important whether you want to admit it or not. Staring at one another awkwardly when you meet for the first time is for middle school kids, not grown adults with full time jobs. Please learn how to shake someone’s hand properly. Man or woman, it’s important to convey strength and confidence every time you shake hands. Plus, strong and confident handshakes are a lot more pleasant than weird, limp and weak handshakes.

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What I’ve Been Reading: April 21st

I think I need to come up with a more clever title for these posts. “What I’ve Been Reading” is a little boring.

Pronouns and privilege” is a post about the use of pronouns and the privilege that cisgender individuals have because they are nearly always called by their desired pronouns. More accurately, it’s about the privilege that trans individuals lack – far more frequently than should happen, their wishes about pronouns are ignored. Side note: I had no idea that there were so many alternative pronouns.

Need to see a puppy? Here you go.

More talk about Title IX and sexual assault. This has a lot of information in it and is definitely an interesting read. I do have to say that the mother of the falsely accused sounded a little confused when she said,

“I went to sleep at night worrying that my son was going to be in the Bismarck prison. I had a vision of him in an orange jumpsuit and handcuffs,” she said. “You don’t put somebody in peril of going to prison on a 50.1 percent standard.”

Her son wasn’t “in peril of going to prison on a 50.1 percent standard” as far as I can tell. The only thing riding on that standard was punishment by the school, and schools don’t get to put people in jail.

Are food deserts a myth?

California in trouble? This article sure makes it sound that way.

Political stuff, if you feel like reading it.

Because if you starve yourself while using a feeding tube, it’s okay. *mega eye roll*

I never hear about meteor showers far enough ahead of time to leave the cities. Maybe I should start following astronomy independently instead of waiting for news articles.

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What I’ve Been Reading Feb. 20

“Internet On, Inhibitions Off” I like this because it discusses a popular trend. When you look at just how disrespectful and ridiculous people can get in comment streams, this is especially relevant. In some ways it’s cool that people are more honest on the internet, but in other ways it’s not. How many times in a given day do you hear people insult each other (in person, face-to-face) so strongly? Yet look at an article and the comment stream (and sometimes the blog posts) are full of “bastard” and “asshole” to mention just two of the many insults that get thrown around.

Gender noncomformity in children has linked to an increased risk of abuse and PTSD.

Creepy much? There will be a London trial of technology that uses facial recognition software to target advertisements at women. Read the article for details, but the gist is that the software will be used to show a certain type of ad when female faces are detected and will show a web address when male faces are detected.

Seriously? I don’t mean to say George Washington doesn’t matter, but this article is a little over-zealous about changing President’s Day back to Washington’s Birthday.

I like the idea of better ways to evaluate teachers. Some of these plans, though, seem a bit strange. Why would a physical education teacher’s job depend on math and reading scores? Phy. Ed. has nothing to do with math or reading. It’s about physical activity.

Oh look, more creepiness! Google is working on convincing people to voluntarily share where they are pretty much all the time. >_< Reminds me of this video (wrong and out of date, but interesting anyway). Googlezon. Hahahaha.

It’s funny, this author says she’s writing about“what’s missing” from the birth control debate, but I don’t think any of what she said has been “missing.” I think she did a good job of stating it all particularly clearly, though. I disagree with her idea that “an employer’s right to reject birth-control coverage” shouldn’t “trump a society’s collective imperative to reduce unintended pregnancy.” Rights are something that shouldn’t be “trumped” by anything. On a slightly different note, I’m pretty satisfied that Obama’s policy isn’t infringing on religious freedom, mostly because of the exceptions written into the policy and because other states have similar policies that, from what I’ve read, have withstood judicial scrutiny.

I can’t wait for November 2012. I’m tired of all this political bickering. I really hope Santorum doesn’t win the nomination for the GOP. First, I want an actual choice when I vote for president and I could never vote for him. Second, if he doesn’t get the nomination I won’t have to read much about him.

Saw this after I initially posted. I like guns. I own one, too. A .22 semi-automatic rifle with a tubular magazine. Target practice is incredibly enjoyable, even when you have no intention of ever shooting anything other than, well, a target.

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