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Violence Bad, Use Your Words Like a Grown-up

The authors of this piece on controversy over icons/symbols/representations of figures considered holy to Christianity posit that violence is not unheard of in the United States over these issues. They conclude:

Images of the sacred haven’t caused mass violence in the United States, but they have generated intense conflict. Our ability to sustain a culture supersaturated with visual displays of the divine, largely without violence, came only after massive technological change, centuries of immigration and social movements that forced Americans to reckon with differences of race, ethnicity and religion.

The thing is, I know of no one who objects to controversy – people reacting to things that upset them is part of society. Everyone I know objects to the violence involved in Muslim protests of representations of figures considered by them to be holy.

Go ahead and protest speech you don’t like – controversy like that is fine. Controversy can even be good is it results in society (not government) censoring hateful, gross people like the KKK. Just don’t get violent about what upsets you or expect governing bodies to make certain types of speech illegal. The way I see it is small children hit and kick and bite in response to things they don’t like while adults “use their words.” Can we use our words, everyone? Please?

Anyone else notice that the authors seem to skip about a century in their brief history? It goes from violence before the US existed to people getting upset and defacing art many many years after the US became a country.


It’s been so long that I can’t remember what I usually call these posts.

Failure. Utter failure. I just don’t ever feel like blogging after a day at work.

And weekends? Forget it.

I do Tweet. The Friendly Atheist favorited one of my tweets today. Speaking of, Jessica’s coughing says it all about tax laws and churches on this post from the F.A. page.

Don’t you just love when women tell victims of sexual assault that it’s not their fault, but basically it is? Because after all, if women would just stay at home all the time no one would sexually assault them… Oh, wait. Haven’t I heard of many cases in which women are assaulted and/or raped in their own homes? Why yes, I have.  And just for the record, as Turley aptly puts it, courtrooms are not advice columns.

“Judges increasingly seem to yield to the desire to use their courtrooms to dispense their own forms of improvised justice or homegrown advice.”

The Culture War Reporters had a piece today on mourning celebrities versus mourning loved ones. It is well-written and touching, perhaps more so if you’ve ever lost a loved one to Alzheimer’s.

Freedom of speech can apparently be abused if you use it to say something against religion or that hurts religious peoples’ feelings. *sigh*

I really appreciate this post on Turley’s blog about torture.

Fighting for change – I really love the blog Inspirational Freethought because of the emphasis on positive things. It’s easy to get burned out, particularly lately as a feminist member of the atheist movement.

Argh. That’s right, that’s about as far as I can express myself about this. It’s just so incredibly frustrating! *Goes back and reads fighting for change post again*

Those 70s movies are oddly unattractive...

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“Abuse of the Universal Right of Free Speech”


The US embassy earlier issued a statement condemning “the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims – as we condemn efforts to offend believers of all religions”.

The statement added: “We firmly reject the actions by those who abuse the universal right of free speech to hurt the religious beliefs of others.”

This was in response to violent protests against a movie made by some man in the United States? It’s wrong on so many levels.

First of all, there was nothing official about the movie. It was made by some guy in the United States. Why do people hold an entire nation responsible for that?

Second, the response to violent protests in which the U.S. flag is defaced should not be to apologize. I know diplomacy and all that silliness, but still no. Peaceful protesters deserve our ears. Violent protesters do not and they most certainly shouldn’t be apologized to.

Third: “We firmly reject the actions by those who abuse the universal right of free speech to hurt the religious beliefs of others.”

Okay, so you reject the actions of people who choose to say something that specifically hurts the feelings of others? Because you can’t “hurt” beliefs. You can hurt feelings and that’s what is happening here.

Muhammad is not my prophet. I can criticize him all I want to. I can also criticize religion and support the right of others to do so. If something bothers you by all means let the other person know as much in a peaceful, reasonable manner.

You don’t like that I criticize the treatment of women in Islam? Go ahead and let me know. I will respond reasonably by saying no one has convinced me that they way women are treated is in any way okay. You don’t like my drawing of Muhammad? Go ahead and let me know. I will respond by telling you that I am sorry it bothers you, but the tremendous suppression of free speech in the name of religious sensitivity is, at the present time, more important than your wounded feelings.

“abuse the universal right of free speech”

You can’t abuse freedom of speech, and it is definitely not a universal right. It should be, but it isn’t. Comments like these certainly aren’t going to further the cause of making freedom of speech a universal right.

Sometimes you read something and it bugs you so much, but simultaneously seems so obvious that you can’t even articulate your opinion properly. This is one of those times for me.

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The Multifarious Mix Returns (like Batman, but not as cool)

Men’s fashion from Greta Christina’s perspective – I recommend the comments in addition to what she writes. I also want to add a few things: cuff links and in a certain sense men are very lucky. One comment mentions that menswear is basically either formal or casual with little grey area in between while women’s clothing has a huge grey area. Slightly annoying when a man wants to be able to wear a wide variety of clothing at a business casual workplace? Yes. At the same time it’s extremely liberating. Every time I get dressed for work I have to think about whether or not it’s appropriate for work. Do I wear a suit? A skirt? Is this shirt dressed up enough even though it is, in all honesty, a t-shirt? Basically, I’m simultaneously envious of how simple it is for men and happy that I get more leeway to “express” myself, if that’s how you wish to put it.

From a comment in the above post I found a tie knot someone created. I thought it was kind of neat. On a side note, I’ve always been slightly envious that men get to wear ties. I know that’s strange, but when a woman wears a tie it’s generally not a wear-to-work outfit. I’m not saying I’d want to wear them on a daily basis, but I like options!

Just an f.y.i there may be missing “s”s on some words. My s key is being uncooperative.


I would have gone to this awesome event, but it’s muggy out.

I’d love to look through this list and discover how many of the books I’ve read, but I’m not clicking “next” 100 times on that website. -_- Also, I respect authors and all, but I don’t think they’re the best ones to ask about the best books of all time. And I hated Things Fall Apart.

I’m tired of the anti-milk people. Yeah, milk isn’t the miracle health-food the dairy lobby wants you to think it is. DUH. When someone selling oranges says they’re the best thing in the world and also convinces the government to say the same thing, do you believe them? I mean, get a sense of skepticism already. By all means if you’re having digestive problems try cutting out dairy products. Do controlled experiments until you figure out what your body doesn’t like – try cutting out dairy, then try cutting out gluten, etc. I love milk, and it has never once made me feel crappy. Coffee, on the other hand, makes me feel like crap if I drink it before 1pm. Milk isn’t evil, and the way we produce milk isn’t any worse than the way we produce meat and other animal products. If that’s your reasoning for giving it up, I expect you to not only go vegetarian, but also to stop eating produce grown on large high-production farms. I’m done ranting. My point is milk isn’t inherently bad.

Huh, I’ve missed sharing my many random opinions and rants with the world. My work life is devoid of such things. Avoiding controversy and all that.

Yay dogs! Having a dog (or, to a lesser extent, a cat) has a positive effect on the health of children.

California may have issues affording the costs of the Affordable Healthcare Act:

To ignore the cost is to be intellectually dishonest.

I know you all love semi-solids. Mushy tarmac, anyone? I’ve actually know that “tarmac” can get mushy and weird for a very long time. I played outside, even on very hot days, a lot as a kid.

Of course the economist is the only reasonable voice in this entire article, and I include the author of the article in that evaluation.

“Yes, it’s important for us to be buying more products that are made in the U.S.,” Moutray said. At the same time, “we have to recognize that we are in a global economy and so need to explore markets outside.”

Trade is an important part of the economy, and good allocation of resources often requires that we accept a lot of stuff cannot reasonably be made in the US.

I definitely expected to share more links with you, but I guess this will have to do!

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