Life can be crazy sometimes

Life has been crazy lately. My job involves a lot of sitting in front of a computer. When I come home I don’t often want to sit in front of the computer for an even longer period, so I haven’t been blogging much.

In the last month that I’ve worked I don’t think I’ve worked less than 44 hours a week. It’s amazing how draining even 4 hours of overtime can be, particularly at this time of year when I never get to see the sun. It’s especially brutal when work cuts into my weekends.

I interviewed for a regular position (I’m a contractor right now) with the company I currently work for, and B visited for about a week. Add to that holiday stuff and I was barely on the internet doing my usual internet-y things, let alone writing about anything.

Things seem like they might relax a bit in the coming months. Hopefully I’m right about that. Maybe I’ll even manage to post more often – every week or so would be good.

Thanks for reading. I’m a little amazed I get any hits at all. I’m hoping to start posting again. For whatever reason I have readers, and I’d like to give you something to read.

2 thoughts on “Life can be crazy sometimes

  1. Hemant Mehta says:

    Hope things get better for you soon!

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