Sentence Challenge of the day (SCOTD): What is missing?

Maybe I’m crazy, but there seems to be something important missing from this sentence. Anyone care to dissect it with me?

However, I do know from traveling to some other states and reviewing their best practices (Florida, Kansas, Texas, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan) through the Successful School Program Initiative to develop systems to integrate not only an effective curriculum to help students achieve at all levels throughout their academic careers, but to engage the parents and community in that endeavor to ensure their success outside of the classroom through innovative programs and sustainable efforts that had measurable outcomes both in and out of the classroom.

Particularly ironic and amusing is the sentence’s origin: part of a conversation on reading and writing education.

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3 thoughts on “Sentence Challenge of the day (SCOTD): What is missing?

  1. Ben says:

    Lol that’s great. They hit nonsensical run-on sentence from the second “to” onward. XD

  2. I swear I read it six times before I was sure it didn’t have an end. What does she know from traveling?! What is it?

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