#14 Great Public Schools

I managed to get 13 challenge posts (one is embedded in the Sandy post) in before completely dropping the ball. I worked 51 hours last week. This week I’ve worked two 10 hour days and one 8 so far. I dropped the ball on my challenge because I spend most of my day in front of the glowing computer screen, it’s not exactly my idea of a good way to relax to come home and sit with a computer on my lap.

I was lucky to grow up in Minnesota. Particularly in Bloomington, MN. Bloomington today is quite diverse, although while I was growing up it was probably less so ethnically speaking. I grew up surrounded by people of different religions, political opinions, origins, ethnicity, and so on. I attended public school in a state ranked 2nd in the nation.

It wasn’t until my brother and I moved away from Minnesota for college (he went to Colorado and I went to Pennsylvania) that I realized Minnesota’s public schools, or, more specifically, Bloomington public schools are fantastic. I’m not talking about test scores or anything measurable, just the general sense of education and critical thinking skills you get from people around you. I am very much relying on anecdotal evidence, but then I’m not asking you to extrapolate from this blog post, am I?

I take for granted the fantastic opportunities that were available to me in Bloomington’s schools to learn. I was particularly determined to get the greatest value possible from my public school education, and I certainly got it. I also take for granted the caliber of education offered to every student in Bloomington (not that they all took advantage).

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