Law School: If you mislead people, it looks like a good idea.

To anyone who has ever questioned their decision to not attend law school:

I have some suggested reading, particularly if you are a part of the Millennial generation like me. People used to tell me all the time growing up that I should be a lawyer, and I considered law school very briefly. The further I got into economics, though, the more I realized that wouldn’t be the best idea. (If you are in law school, you’ll probably be happier if you stop reading now. Med school students, on the other hand, might wish to continue for the amusement.)

First, there’s this satire of a recent op/ed on law schools. Believe it or not, the satire can be read before the actual piece without much (if any) loss of amusement factor.

Then of course you likely wish to read the original piece.

If you prefer debunking to satire, your options are many. There’s Salon and a site called Above The Law for starters.

I, for one, enjoyed the scathing responses immensely because the original op/ed is indeed full of misleading statements and half-truths. There’s probably a way to defend attending law school, but this is not it.

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