#12: Softening the lights with snow

I wrote an earlier post about snow in Minnesota, but there is something else about snow I take for granted: the holiday lights. Call them Christmas lights if you will.

Of course, people put up lights all over the United States (I’m not sure how popular the tradition is in other countries). Those people likely appreciate the lights – find them beautiful, even magical. And those lights probably have their own special qualities in places with green winters, but I doubt if that can compare to the magic of colorful lights against a blanket of white snow.

Most of the Decembers of my life have been snowy and full of Christmas lights. The way the lights reflect and shine in snow is amazing. I cannot even describe the way deep snow softens and reflects lights when the night gets dark. It is my favorite part of the holiday season – seeing the shining lights softened by snow in the quiet calm of night.

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