Inspiring post about a very upsetting situation. Thankfully there are things you and I can do to help! 🙂 Donate a book (see details on the blogpost)!


Here’s a story to warm your hearts and fire up your engines all at the same time. In just 24 hours, Yinzer Nation has gone viral again, this time rising to the cause of a pitiful situation in a local public school library.

On Tuesday afternoon, Sheila May-Stein posted the following photo to my wall on Facebook, explaining that this is the entire fiction section in the library at Pittsburgh Manchester preK-8. There are only 40 usable books. She wrote that she was “Feeling overwhelmed and despondent when I see pictures of ipad labs and brand new books and all the other privileges white suburban kids have when I compare it to what the kids at this school have. They are learning every day that they aren’t worth clean, fresh paint and unstained carpets and books that aren’t 65 years old.”

Manchester, a public school in the city’s long-struggling Northside…

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  1. Sheila May-Stein says:

    Our movement to fill the empty Manchester K-8 school library shelves has gone viral, and we are so grateful to you and others for getting the word out. I am not cataloging as fast as I can to get these new books on the shelves and into North Side children’s hands. They are so excited about the attention and love being shown to them. Again, thank you, thank you!

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