A Cake for Texas

Last month a coworker of mine announced plans to move to Texas. This coworker was the friendliest and most helpful of all the people at my new job. Though I had only known her for a few weeks when she announced her plans to leave I wanted to do something nice for her.

As you know by now, making elaborate cakes is a bit of a hobby of mine. I combined my hobby with my desire to do something nice. Making elaborate cakes is a good outlet for my creative side, which is mostly useless in my job.

I sketched out a design for the cake – the seal of Texas. I also decided to take this opportunity to use marzipan in addition to fondant.

I made a yellow cake with brown sugar icing, which is quite a delicious combination. The fondant, as always, was a bit heavy, and I wasn’t very impressed with the flavor of marzipan.

As always, I forgot to take photos of the process. This is the top of the cake, but I did add a bit more to the design before I was done.

For some reason the seal of the state of Texas has an olive branch and an oak branch.

This is a photo of the top of the cake after I finished. You can see there are olives, leaves and acorns along the edge of the cake.

This is also a final image of the cake. My coworker really liked it.

I’m always a little amazed by how difficult it is to get a photo that gives a real impression of a cake.

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