Re-Littering, Don’t Do It!

A few weeks ago, I had my sister’s fiance work on my car. The week after he worked on my car I started noticing a weird smell. I couldn’t identify it exactly – still can’t – but it was sort of a hot metal/hot plastic smell. It’s really quite yucky (note the technical term here).

I called him to ask if it was something I should worry about or if it might be spilled fluids burning off (in which case nothing to worry about). He called me back and we talked for a few minutes. He suggested it might be from brake fluid – he had to bleed my brakes, and the fluid goes just about everywhere when you do it. We talked a bit longer and he said, “I did notice a plastic bag on your exhaust, like on your muffler. I couldn’t get it off – it was stuck on pretty good.” A lightbulb went off in my brain.

The day he worked on my car I was driving behind someone. A plastic bag was blowing about the road and got stuck on their side mirror. Instead of being a good Samaritan and grabbing the bag to throw it in the trash later, they pulled it off their side mirror and released it behind them. Guess where it ended up?

It’s been two weeks. Every time I drive my car more than a mile, I get to deal with the noxious smell from the man who re-littered the plastic bag. It’s disgusting.

I’m telling you this because it’s a little funny, but also to encourage you not to do what this man did. Don’t re-litter. Unless the plastic bag is covered in something nasty, be kind and grab it to throw away later. It doesn’t belong on our roads, and do you want to risk it blinding the driver behind you? Or causing someone’s car to smell really, really terrible for weeks on end? Heck, be selfish about it – do you want to risk causing the driver behind you to rear-end you? Or causing a car that works at the same location as you to smell disgusting everyday? You park in that same parking lot!

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