Out for Lunch (or, you know, vacation… whatever)

I clearly fail. Not at life, but at blogging. Also at being proactive about my car. I’ve been putting off changing the fuel filter (being that it’s something I don’t have the tools for and probably don’t have the skills for either), and now it sounds like the fuel pump is going. Damn cars.

And the best part is! I’m supposed to be leaving for my cabin tomorrow. Don’t worry, I’m going regardless, but I may have to travel in a different vehicle which kind of sucks. Hopefully my car is all right. I guess we’ll see tomorrow. If I get stuck here for an extra night, maybe I’ll write you another blog post. Maybe.

If not, I’m off until Sunday. If you miss me, read some old posts. Anything will do. You might already miss me since it’s been a while since I’ve posted much of anything. Sorry about that. Hopefully I’ll have the time and energy to write you some fabulous posts in the future. I might talk about Convergence, and I definitely will be posting about the cake I made and decorated recently.

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