Upcoming posts on CONvergence (SkepchickCON) and the Multifarious Mix!

I haven’t had a lot of time to blog lately, but I wanted to post about my upcoming posts. Yeah, I know, why not just write the posts? I’m a little busy and a little lazy and about to leave my house again.

First, I made a list of links to share with you all the other day, but never quite managed to give you a Multifarious Mix.

Second, I have a variety of post ideas inspired by the time I spent at CONvergence this weekend. Most of these will be sharing with you about the panels I attended and suggesting other bloggers for you to check out. I will also be writing a post on an interaction I had with some of the panelists today.

Enjoy your weekend. If you live anywhere near me, be happy! The hot weather finally broke. Expect lovely weather for the next week.

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