The Multifarious Mix: June 13th, 2012

Hug Me! I’m Vaccinated – what a wonderful name for an organization. 😀

Caution: Cone Dispenser or Caution Cone Dispenser! The world’ gone mad with warning labels. One of my favorites it the drowning in a bucket warning, even though it’s more reasonable given that buckets do, in fact, hold water and a child might actually crawl into it head first. On another note, at first I thought the cone dispenser in question was indeed an ice cream cone dispenser and the sign was warning that there might be some sort of mess under the dispenser. I quickly realized I was wrong.

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We are a collaborative blog with an emphasis on student contribution writing about atheist, agnostic, freethinking, humanist, secular, and skeptical ideas and issues today.

Live in or around the Twin Cities? SkepchickCON is coming up at CONvergence in early July. Check it out, I’m going to be there along with a bunch of Skepchicks and other awesome people.

Dear the internet, this is why you can’t have anything nice

What the? Bullets flying in the south metro? Hard to believe…

Whenever I read news articles like this, I find that the available information is woefully inadequate. I’m not sure if I should blame the reporter or not. A statement from the parents might help a bit. As far as I can tell, it could go either way – maybe the Wheelers were out of line, and maybe Wolfsberg acted inappropriately.

There sure are a lot of things in the news making me angry lately. Example: gender pay discrimination. I know, people like to call it a “gap.” I happen to call it like I see it – gap isn’t descriptive enough.

Here’s a good chaser – a happy medical achievement! Funny when the things we see on medical dramas like Grey’s Anatomy* show up in the news. 😀

I especially love the first photo on this post! It’s worth clicking the link just to see it.

Would you like your government to be your nanny? What’s that? You’re an adult and don’t need a nanny to tell you what to eat? Nonsense.

Speaking of New York, there are some pretty evil cops there. Picking up hitchhikers isn’t illegal, but when people do it to carpool across the George Washington Bridge, the cops find reasons to ticket drivers. The deck is stacked against you once you get a ticket – from the cost of missing work to fight it, to the chance you’ll end up with “points” on your license, few people are going to bother to find ludicrous tickets. I thought we were supposed to encourage carpooling?

*I gave up on Grey’s when I found out they killed off Lexie Grey.

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