What I’ve Been Reading: June 6 (Why is “Calling You” by Aqua playing on my iTunes?)

Babel phish! A graph of in which languages passwords are easiest to crack. I hope that sentence made sense.

Koreans apparently have something in common with people in the United States – many don’t accept evolution. Great. They’ve even taken it out of textbooks.

What the hell is the point of taking a course if you don’t bother to learn the material? Thanks for degrading the value of good grades, cheaters.

I always enjoy reading articles that make me think, “I can understand this because of my college education.*” Interesting ideas, and I love the pyrolysis analogy.

What can we do to convince children they are not lost causes? Can we make the American dream possible for people from all backgrounds?

Love this messenger bag. And I don’t really like messenger bags.

eHarmony and LinkedIn confirmed password leaks. Change your pw.

Is Pleasure a Sin?” A nun wrote a book about desire, masturbation, and similar topics. The Vatican doesn’t like it so much, but they took 6 or so years to decide that. Sounds like an interesting book, but not one that I’ll end up reading.

Drug-resistant gonorrhea. Frightening. Very frightening even for someone whose only risk comes from the possibility of being raped. Drug-resistant strains of STI’s are a major reason we need to teach both abstinence and safe sex practices, and why we need to teach our children to have serious and honest conversations about sex with one another before engaging in sexual activity.

*That’s not to suggest people without a college education or without a formal education in economics can’t understand it.

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