What I’ve Been Reading: May 31st

“Prose styles come and go, but idiots will always be with us.”

On why mathematical studies can’t really tell us what influences authors, or literary classics are not obsolete.

Self-employment is a meritocracy

Beware the monks! They might sell you a casket… without a license! *Gasp!* The horror!

Could opening up about our salaries help end gender wage discrimination? (Or even better, all types of unethical wage discrimination?) Irin Carmon discusses the reasons why sharing about our salaries could reduce the wage gap(s).

Our galaxy is doomed! You know, in a few billion years.

Thanks to Rowan for tweeting this article. A rabbi suggests that opposing gay marriage based on the Old Testament makes no sense unless you also follow the other archaic rules found in that book. The article is about a debate on this issue. The opposing side said this:

“I do think the remarkable ease with which gay marriage has moved up the political agenda is very revealing,” he said.

“What it shows is that this is an issue which the political elite feels very comfortable with, in fact which the political elite finds very useful.”

I disagree with this view of things. I think that perhaps the reason gay marriage has moved up the political agenda so quickly* is that people are realizing more quickly that making gay people second class citizens is extremely unjust.

Greta on secular philosophies of death and why religious philosophies of death are not inherently comforting. I’m inclined to agree with her with one added caveat: the reality is that death can really suck.

Step One: Become Catholic priest. Step two: sexually abuse children. Step Three: be excommunicated and thrown in jail Receive cash settlement…?

I wonder what I’ll want to say to my 17-year-old self 20 years from now? Hm….

Okay, when I say, “Old people smell,” I’m usually referring to the strong scent of flowery perfumes that old women seem to like and Vick’s VapoRub. And then there’s my grandfather, who smells like oil and metal (ever hugged a mechanic, welder or machinist?). I’m not exactly sure how I could possibly be talking about natural secretions since in the real world we tend to cover up those smells.

Pentecostal snake handler bitten by snake. Dies. Surprise? Not so much.

Even with such a good review, I’m not sure I can stomach “Snow White and the Huntsman.” I just don’t like Kristen Stewart. In every previous appearance her acting has fallen far short of adequate. And to be perfectly frank, Snow White is supposed to be fair – that means more than just sickly pale.

A new kind of senior housing has been built in Orono.” Rephrase to fit reality: Some senior housing for really freaking rich people that doesn’t do much of anything to reduce the shortage of senior housing has been built in Orono. Not to say I have a problem with building assisted living for wealthy old people. I have a problem with the headline and article making it sound like something really amazing for everyone in the community.

*Can you call it quickly? It still took the better part of what? 20 years? More?

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