What I’ve Been Reading: May 28

I’ve noticed a drop in blog activity (not just mine). Kind of unfortunate that some of the blogs that make me laugh haven’t been posting nearly as much as in February and March. Good weather, I suppose.

I bought a kayak on Friday, and I tried it out on Sunday. I think I’m pretty happy with it. Hopefully will be taking it on a camping trip sometime this summer.

And now to the links:

The Jonathan Turley blog covered the thieving police in Tennessee (I posted about this on the 17th).

Pat Tillman was an atheist, but for Memorial Day his name was placed rather disrespectfully on a Christian cross. Please abstain from using the wrong religious symbols for people, it’s disrespectful and insulting.

I enjoyed this article about Utah’s healthcare system. I know very little about the variety of laws in the U.S. Personally, I think we should eliminate the whole employers pay for healthcare thing – at least in its current form.

The unfortunate state of things:

Dave Bicking, a progressive activist who has run for council, theorized outside the council chambers after the final vote that anti-stadium activists are disillusioned by many local decisions that have ignored public opinion.

That’s probably the biggest reason people against paying for the Vikings Stadium didn’t show.

Walkability and the premiums we pay to live in “walkable” neighborhoods.

Other than this odd little quote:

We even reran the experiment on a group of self-declared atheists, asking them to swear on a Bible, and got the same no-cheating results yet again.

I very much enjoyed this article on lying.

That’s all I’ve got for now.


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