I’m about to rant a little bit. Just an FYI.

I’m going to start out this post by saying thank you to all of you who congratulated me when I graduated. I really appreciate that you recognized my achievement. In fact, I still appreciate it when people say, “Congrats!” to me, but here’s the thing: I graduated 5 months ago. That’s right, FIVE.*

I know you’re trying to be nice and supportive, but when you saw me less than two weeks after I finished college (at Christmas time) did it not occur to you that I had graduated? Did you not consider the fact that your complete silence felt rather like you were ignoring me?

Yes, this post probably comes off a little like, “The world revolves around me.” No, the world doesn’t revolve around me, but many members of my family failed to say anything to me upon my finishing college. Nothing. At all.

I received graduation gifts, for which I am thankful, 5 months late** (yes, late) because our stupid society is so damn obsessed with ceremonies and pomp and circumstance. Do you have any idea how ridiculous that is? Do you have any idea how small*** that makes me feel?

It really irks me that people that matter to me ignored my accomplishment. Defend them if you will, but I’d like to point out it’s not just that I graduated 5 months ago – I graduated early five months ago. In a country where many students take longer than the usual 4 years, even.**** I didn’t finish college and have to wait 5 months to actually graduate. I officially graduated a long time ago. I ceased to be a college student. Do you get it? Do you understand that you basically ignored a major life event for no apparent reason?

So thanks for all the congratulations, but next time something major happens in my life could you at least pretend to care enough to know when it happens?

*If you want to get really technical, I graduated nearly 4 months ago – my diploma lists early February as my graduation date even though I finished in late December. Silly Dickinson.

**To my aunt that recently gave me my graduation card: this is not directed at you. You actually said congratulations right after I graduated, which I appreciate. You did wait to give me a gift, but I blame that on society, not you. Your gift helped me buy my kayak. Thanks! Love you!

*** Not small as in the universe is large and I don’t really matter. Small as in you don’t give a fuck what’s actually going on in my life.

**** There’s not really anything wrong with taking longer, but it’s an accomplishment to take less than 4 years, no?

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2 thoughts on “I’m about to rant a little bit. Just an FYI.

  1. NuclearGrrl says:

    You graduated college in less than 4 years? That is actually super impressive! Well done!

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