What I’ve Been Reading: May 25

The Chilly Climate“: Now that I think back, I’m pretty sure I’ve noticed women being interrupted more than men (possibly just my mind playing tricks). Regardless, I’ve noticed the chilly climate.

I really enjoyed this (old post) from Pervocracy: The Gentleman’s Guide to Ogling. Thanks to MJ at SomeSummerSunday for suggesting I read this blog. Also wonderful are Cosmocking: June ’12! and Real Consent.

I get angry about the amount of processed (or over-processed) food, too.

Are you a heretic? An atheist?

Trucks that run on natural gas? I wish we could just rebuild our railroad infrastructure.

LiquiGlide? Seriously?? Can we use this in lotion bottles, too?

What not to do if you steal an iPhone: take lots of photos of yourself; wear your nametag in photos; use the iPhone as your personal device. Better solution: don’t steal things.

The oldest indoor mall in the country is getting a “facelift.” Southdale is one of the (many) alternatives to the Mall of America in the Twin Cities area. Its primary attraction? It’s not a tourist trap like MOA.

Not sure why, but I enjoy reading advice columns. šŸ˜€

Jim Parsons is gay! In other news: I am straight! Jennifer Anniston likes men! Despite playing a womanizer on How I Met Your Mother, Neil Patrick Harris is attracted to men! Ellen DeGeneres has blue eyes (and is a lover of women). Don’t misunderstand, I’m glad more celebrities and people in the public eye are willing to come out publicly, but the way they report it is a little messed up.

Example of bad reporting: the video claims the two adults are the child’s parents, but the article says it’s a babysitter and friend not related to the child. Who on Earth thinks it’s a good idea to put anything living inside a washer or dryer??

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