A Bird Attacked Me Today

A bird attacked me today. I think it wanted my hair, which is particularly shiny today. It was pretty freaky, and I still had the vast majority of my hike left when it happened.

I was minding my own business, walking along the Mississippi River. I noticed a bird flying overhead and thought, “Please don’t poop on me.” I saw its shadow on the ground as it moved over me. Then the shadow disappeared – I assumed the bird flew away. Instead, the next thing I know I feel a bird fly into the crown of my head. It clawed at me, and when I realized what was happening I moved to bat it away. It perched nearby on a light pole and I walked awkwardly with my hand on my head for a good 200 feet, vigilantly watching for more bird attacks.

I went on a hike in St. Paul along the Mississippi River. The trail I followed went through three parks, and I found it in Take a Hike: Minneapolis and St. Paul. The hike was titled “Harriet Island to Cherokee Bluffs,” beginning in Harriet Island Park and moving through Lilydale and Cherokee Parks. The trails are mostly paved or crushed limestone.

Along this 4ish mile hike are some awesome views of the St. Paul skyline along with a few distant views of the Minneapolis skyline. Also of note are the river boats, the river itself, the small streams, and the trees.

St. Paul skyline from near the Wabasha St. Bridge.

I just liked that it said, “1st.” At the time I was unaware of why – it’s the First National Bank building. (It’s much cooler than the USBank building in the background)

St. Paul skyline with the playground at Harriet Island Park visible.

That weird looking thing is a bandshell. Looks more like a section of suspension bridge someone forgot to finish/get rid of to me.

This is a photo of the Smith Ave High Bridge, which I later crossed the street on (I didn’t actually walk across the river on the bridge).

Exposed rock of the bluffs in Lilydale Park.

This waterfall is also found in Lilydale. The park is a well-known destination for fossil hunting – the clay beds exposed by the brick company are full of fossils from the time when Minnesota was covered by a tropical sea. Fossil hunting was a favorite field trip of mine in middle school. I saw several fossils today! (But since fossil hunting requires a permit, I won’t say if I hunted for them or took any.)

Bricks litter the entire park, including the trails.

A scenic overlook sits at the top of the switchbacks up the bluff in Lilydale. Far off in the distance is the Minneapolis skyline – much more vivid in person.

I zoomed in on the skyline of Minneapolis.

This pretty memorial bench had flowers around it. It was dedicated to the memory of someone who loved the park. Unfortunately forgot the name already, but it was a beautiful little bench.

Cherokee Park had many trees. Seems like a nice place for a picnic.

A view from the bluffs.

Somehow I always find these funny. I mean, vandalism of signs isn’t usually a good thing, but this made me laugh.

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