The Sexist Book Store

I like pocket knives. They’re super useful, and though I do not currently own a nice one (re: sharp and sturdy) I do really like them. I’m also a woman. I wouldn’t mind having a pocket knife with my name engraved on it.

The buyer at the Gettysburg Book Store* seems to think that women and girls do not like pocket knives. There were no female names (unless you count outliers like “Randall” – mostly a “boy” name, but occasionally a girl’s name) engraved on the handles of the pocket knives they have for sale.

I didn’t know knives were male.** I didn’t know only men used knives. In fact, I had no idea that women are just supposed to stand by and wait for a man to do all the cutting. I’m a little confused, since a lot of cooking requires using a knife. Huh, turns out all this time women have mistakenly been doing the cooking.

Seriously, why are there no female names? I mean, I’m not exactly obsessed with gendered names to begin with, but since a large portion of the population have names generally considered to be female, I think Gettysburg could consider ordering some pocket knives with those names engraved.

I wanted to look at and consider a pocket knife with my name, but I couldn’t. As my sister would say, I’m pretty salty about it.

There were pocket knives that said things like “Grandma” or “I ❤ Mom,” but no non-male names…

*Why don’t they just call it a gift shop? They sell more souvenirs than books…

**”Knife” in Spanish is “cuchillo” – male gendered, but “penknife” is “navaja” or “cortaplumas” – the first of which is female, the second is male or female. I just thought I’d throw that out there. I’m not suggesting the gender of a Spanish object necessarily suggests which gender uses that object.

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