And now, my irreverent self will be …

Irreverent. That’s me.

We visited an old graveyard on Saturday. It was terribly sunny. Occasionally people are still buried in this graveyard, located in Carlisle, PA, but mostly the graves are very old.

We found Harry Potter’s grave… It looked pretty old.

Of course, the grave could have belonged to any person with the initials H.P., but I’ve decided it belongs to Harry Potter.

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5 thoughts on “And now, my irreverent self will be …

  1. Andrew says:

    HP Lovecraft would be pretty badass, and magical still. But Harry Potter could do a resurrection spell. Or could he?

  2. The font is really similar to the one used in the books/films, so I’ll go along with it. 🙂

  3. Jeyna Grace says:

    Poor HP, died at such a young age, that is it its Harry Potter.

  4. John Schumacher says:

    Is that the same cemetery w/ the Molly Pitcher statue? If you look at the mortar in some of the walls, there are some cool-looking faces etched/carved/whatever in them.

    • Yeah, it is! Huh, I wish I had looked at the walls more. It was hot and sunny, so I didn’t spend much time away from the trees (of which there weren’t nearly enough).

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