What I’ve Been Reading: May 17th

Coursera and other inexpensive, online ways to learn are popping up and evolving.

Great, thanks to my graduation ceremony (where I get to hear Petraeus speak!!) I’m going to miss the solar eclipse since I’ll be too far east.

Pirate Bay suffers a DDoS attack.

Coffee drinkers live longer! Well, kind of. There’s a correlation.

Mind-controlled robots!

Different kinds of currency are popping up across the world, from local money backed by national fiat to barter economies in Greece.

When Antivirus Software Updates Go Awry

I read this, and even though it’s not all good news all I could think was, “YAY LOWER GAS PRICES!” And yes, I was yelling in my head. The caps are indeed appropriate.

Sometimes entirely appropriate names in one language are phonetically hilarious in another.


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