Minnesota River Valley: Louisville Swamp

In Kentucky, they pronounce Louisville… not sure how to describe this. Just don’t pronounce it like its spelled. Looavul. Er, kind of. Anyway, Louisville Swamp is in Minnesota, so I have no idea how to correctly pronounce it. Maybe it’s “louieville”.

We went on this hike for Mother’s Day. It was just my brother, my mom, and me. Even though much of the paths were flooded, we had a nice time.

Another spot along the Minnesota River with hiking trails, the Louisville Swamp is rather unique. There are ruins of an old homestead, lacking any sort of further information (no plaque or anything). The prairie lands are being converted into oak savannah, an apparently much-rarer type of habitat. The swamp floods 3 out of 5 years, and despite our dry winter this year was no exception. So much of the trails were flooded, in fact, that even with a map (albeit rudimentary) it was hard to figure out where exactly we were.

The well-established trails made it impossible to get lost, like most other trails in and around the Twin Cities.

There was a nice overlook of the flood plain from part of the trail. I also took a panoramic from the overlook featured at the top of this post.

There was a small tributary along the path.

Part of the trail was flooded.

It was muddy.

When the river floods in an area you are unfamiliar with, you start to wonder which islands are normally islands, and which are usually just small hills.

We couldn’t even go to Jab’s Farm. Whatever that is.

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