What I’ve Been Reading: May 9th

I’ve mostly got blog links for you today, but a few articles as well. πŸ™‚

First, this:

“Ideology cannot be a substitute for a determination to think for yourself, for a willingness to study an issue objectively, and for the fortitude to sometimes disagree with your party or even your constituents,” he said.

Names, names, names. Some odd comments with people whose names were unconventional (why would your children have problems just because their mother’s name was Michael? And if it bothered her so much, why didn’t she go by a nickname or change her name?). Also, Ryan isn’t that odd of a name for a girl in my head. Sure, it’s typically a male name, but I’ve met my share of Ryans that were girls.

Fashion is cyclical. Be very afraid.” Ahahaha. I am afraid. Of shoulder pads and gigantic glasses especially.

Flavor Per Calorie – seems like a good concept to use! I bet kimchi would qualify as having a lot of FPC. πŸ™‚

A fantastic reason to read the Bible: to get over the mysticism that surrounded it when one was a child.*

Forgive Me, Kimchi” A nice post about accepting heritage (and kimchi!).

Mmmmm… Korean food. Yeah, okay, I might be a little obsessed.

Talk about strange pizza! Potato wedges and corn on top… Interesting?

* Not that this existed for everyone. There wasn’t much mysticism surrounding the book in my eyes as a child.

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