Sometimes Comments Make You Happy.

Friend-Zoning Out” is a great post (actually kind of about another post) on Man Boobz. I highly recommend reading it, but even if you don’t you show peruse the following comments. I took several screen shots of the highlights. They hardly even need to be comments on a post.

“This is not complicated.” Ahahaha, no kidding! It really isn’t.

Yes. Just yes.

It’s so rare that I read comments and feel great, but these made me happy even though they were in response to ridiculousness.

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3 thoughts on “Sometimes Comments Make You Happy.

  1. MJ says:

    Don’t know if you’ve ever read any of her stuff, but Cliff Pervocracy’s blog is really interesting – it focuses on an intersection of feminism, consent culture and BDSM. I can speak from experience and say it’s worth a read even if you’re a member of the vanilla community. Plus, the monthly Cosmo reviews are hilarious.

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