What I’ve Been Reading: May 5th (Feliz Cinco de Mayo!)

I’ve mentioned negative connotations of the terms “feminism” and “feminists” before, and I really enjoyed this more comprehensive discussion of the terms. As I’ve mentioned before, feminism is about equality, not men-bashing or that silly stuff.

Not Again!“:

But, really: it’s 2012. Get over it. Homosexual people exist. And they consume goods too.

Saw this on Twitter :

“Teens who get accurate info make better sexual decisions.” Also when it rains, people with umbrellas stay dry. http://bit.ly/Kv7os3

Man Boobz:

Huh, because most of the feminists I know, oh, never mind.

I know that feeling. When you want to respond, but it seems to futile that you can’t waste your energy to do it? *Sigh* (The post is about a crazy dude that thinks feminists are out to steal men’s wealth via divorce settlements…)

Interesting behavioral economics experiment, but it seems a bit flawed or lacking. Maybe it’s the object for sale that’s bugging me: it’s not sufficiently uniform, for starters, and while I know this is all about behavior, photos aren’t an appealing product to many people. Interesting insight, regardless.

Little Debbie Butterfly Cakes. Want. (You can tell me how bad they are for you or how full of preservatives or how tasteless. I don’t really care. I’ve made up my mind to be irrational on this one.)

Search terms. Hilarious.

I met an Anatolian shepherd dog today. Adorable and huge. His name was Goliath and he was very friendly. I wanted to steal him and make him my dog. 🙂

I love skepticism and freethought in economics. 😀

I wish there were more time to cover Native American history in the public schools system. I got smatterings of it here and there, interspersed with other history, but didn’t get a lot of history from the last century. Plus, “Native American” is a very broad term covering a long time period – teaching it would require committing at least one semester-long course to it.

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One thought on “What I’ve Been Reading: May 5th (Feliz Cinco de Mayo!)

  1. Thank you for the shout-out Amanda.

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